Catch em young

Catch ‘Em Young uses skills of drama and performance to explore the experience of Caste in urban experience through four theatre productions with students of Poorna Learning Center. Through the process of producing a play, where they use their bodies and surroundings in imaginative ways and become various characters, students explore these the of caste and in their own urban context.

Poorna Learning Centre is a progressive educational space which accommodates students from various socio-economic backgrounds and identities. It is a fertile ground for exchange of ideas and crafting of a sensitive and just vision for the city and its people in the form of these plays.

Catch ‘Em Young was conceptualised by The Space Theatre Ensemble. Space Theatre Ensemble is a professional, full time theatre group, founded in Goa. The Ensemble travels across the country, hosting workshops, residencies and performances, to encourage young people to think critically about contemporary issues. The ensemble works with theatre, poetry and movement.