We are keen to introduce arts based approach in radio programming with reporters, so that they can break out of didactic, top-down, problem-solution modes of making programmes. Many reporters are not familiar with technology beyond the basics. Many have limited knowledge of mixers, microphones and editing softwares. If they are introduced to advanced techniques in editing and recording, they will be able to play more when they make pre-recorded programmes or go live on air.

We organise creative production workshops, so that reporters can find their own voice on radio, their own styles, playing with creative formats of presentation. We believe that introductions to inter-disciplinary art forms and practices, opens up the mind for fresh perspectives and imagination. We believe that consistent trainings like this encourage reporters to break out of their patterns and produce exciting content on air. While we believe that community radio should be accessible to all, reporters are thriving to play with the medium, such opportunities give them a sense of confidence to create audio that they can be proud of and can be identified with. So far, we have  worked with Anish Victor, Maya Rao, Samrat B, Sachin Sahani, Sukhmani Kohli and the Space Theatre Ensemble.