When forbidden figures occupy the park

We envisage a public park to create multiple spaces for diverse publics. We remember Cubbon Park as a space for solace, livelihoods, play, love, jams, great street food, and unlikely encounters. Today, the situation has changed. The park has to be used on the terms and conditions laid down by the State. In the name of safety, the park shuts at 6 pm (5 pm unofficially), vendors are not allowed to enter, the park is homophobic and signs of moral policing are visible. 

In order to register our protest, we made scarecrows, in collaboration with people we met in the park, to represent  ‘missing persons’ and ‘forbidden figures’ in the park. Inspite of opposition from authorities, we installed the scarecrows in the park. They stand defiant, sharing memories and experiences of a park that is turning hostile and inciting fear.To combat violent gentrification, moral policing and arbitrary evictions from the park: the  scarecrows stand as a crude reminder of missing persons and forbidden activities in the park. 


Cubbon Park, Bangalore

    Scarecrows Speak