Present continuous is part of an ongoing inquiry into representations of conflict. The attempt was to deepen our understanding of dyslexic histories, changing topographies, erratic structures of power and surreal forms of violence and torture which we encounter in Palestine.

Featured works:

ANTI-NARRATIVES | Films by Elia Suleiman

The oral tradition surrounding the conflict is brimming with stories waiting to be told, documented or covered.  Elia Suleiman moves away from the spoken word and probes on the psychological and the existential in a manner unfamiliar to Palestinian films up to that point.

EXILE | Poetry

Poetry is a place of exile.We dream and forget where we were when we wake.

An invitation to share and listen to poems and stories that open up unknown territories of the mind so that we may make space for blotted identities and fragmented memories.

Gaza 51 | Exhibition

In the summer of 2014, during the month of Ramadan, Israel invaded Gaza in an attack that lasted 51 days. ‘Gaza 51’ is a collection of art works, stories, poems that emerge from young people’s experiences and memories of this devastation. Conceptualised by Mahnoor Yar Khan and The Culture and Free Thought Association, the exhibition features the art works of young people between the ages of 14-25, that weaves a story of displacement, occupation and exile, not centered solely on ‘events’ but daily life and resilience under siege.

Interleaves| Talks

In conversation with Viswesh Rammohan, Shruti Ravi and Mahnoor Yarkhan

Viswesh Rammohan discussed thecurrent political-social context of the Occupation ; the implication of political and military ties between India and Israel and;  forms of political resistance such as the BDS, role Palestinian Solidarity Committee. Shruti Ravi spoke on forms of cultural resistance, particularly focusing on the use of graphic narratives and comic art to communicate experiences of displacement and exile. Mahnoor Yarkhan spoke on her experiences in Palestine as a drama therapist and artist.

I WILL, I WILL NOT | Performance by Tripura Kashyap

A solo that represents the dancer’s response to the powerful images based on the poetic monologues of Palestinian Activist-Poet, Suheir Hammad. The dance has been designed in the abstract expressionistic mode is meant to throw up and question the unfolding stories of perpetration of senseless violence and its consequences on the Gaza strip.

Dance &Choreography: Tripura Kashyap | Poems by: Suheir Hammad / Gaza suite ; Voice over: Aporup Acharya ; Music: Intifadah by Various Artists ; Sound recording: Clay Kelton