We work with unions, people’s movements, civil society groups and artists engaged in forms of cultural resistance, to locate gender and sexuality as a crucial site of experience and struggle within social movements. Our effort has been to challenge patriarchy as a dominant mode of power that encourages violence against the ‘other’- through constructions of caste, nation state, divisive communal politics, inequitable economic policies. We recognize the danger of typecasting and caricaturing identities, creating homogenous figures such as ‘woman’, ‘worker’ who operate to perform particular functions and nothing else. We have tried to view the lives of workers and women, as more complex and diverse. We believe that within the gamut of representational politics, we need to be sensitive to the politics and aesthetics of the protest, the protest figure and the visual materials used in a protest. We have worked closely to understand and make apparent the realities of sex workers, garment workers, domestic workers, and street vendors through a gendered perspective through posters, films, walks, pamphlets etc.