Every experience is invariably gendered. Our sense of self and identity; our fears and aspirations, our opinions, negotiations and response; choices of life; our perceptions and beliefs; our emotional, physical, mental state is shaped crucially by our gender and sexuality.

No one definition or meaning can fully explain the diverse and contradictory nature of gender and sexuality. Gender bias and stereotypes affect identity, ideas and shape our politics. Our modules are located  to develop a gendered lens to view the world around, with a turn to the personal. The modules uses an arts based approach borrowing from theatre and storytelling, folktales and mythology, popular films and media.

We have worked with community media groups, private radio channels, schools and colleges so far which have resulted in a collective gender policy that the group adheres to, respectful of diverse lived experiences, worldviews and beliefs in different spaces that we occupy of home, school, college, workplace and public space. We are keen that this lens can be used in negotiations at an everyday level.

Kahi Unkahi Baatein: a mobile based info-line

In collaboration with CREA, we worked with community radio stations to design and produce participatory content around Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. These programmes were broadcast on community radio stations and published in other audio formats suitable for the mobile based info-line. Call 09266292662 to listen to the programmes.

Red FM

We facilitated a workshop with the employees of Red FM around socialization of gender, discrimination around gender stereotypes and sexual orientations and address prevalent tensions within the workspace. We devised a gender-sensitive policy articulated and agreed by all the employees from different departments who participated in the workshop.  The policy includes values of openness, diversity, sensitivity on air and with colleagues in the workplace.