Community Learning Programmes (CLP) draw lessons learned from open learning, flexible and distance education fields to informal and non-formal learning. CLPs bring together development and education organisations with local media and technology groups. Programmes are designed collaboratively among subject (e.g. health), technology (e.g. radio or mobiles) and education experts at the community level. Learning content is carried on local media channels, guided by an appropriate technology approach. Read our publication on the CLP process and our work here.

The main principles of a CLP are:

– Address local needs with clear learning objectives
– Collaboration between a) Local media groups b) Community Based groups c) education agents
– Interactive, participatory formats on media platforms
– Face-to-face learner support
– Driven by local resources
– Story based approach to learning: Lived Experiences and Testimonies

Maraa in collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Vancouver and its partners, worked on a methodology to develop participatory learning programmes. Given our area of expertise in Community Radio, we piloted the first CLP with Gurgaon Ki Awaaz called Chahat Chowk around sexual health and trained 20 community radio stations subsequently who launched CLPs around adolescence, lack of toilets for women, gender violence, malnutrition etc.

Maraa continues to work with the radio stations on developing CLPs with Community Radio stations in India and South Asia. We also offer trainings to CR stations and institutions who want to adopt this methodology in their practice.