Accidentally, we found ourselves hosting performances when some of our theatre friends were travelling by and wanted to make a stop to perform in a new city. We never had a space of our own. This forced us to look outdoors: it was exciting to look for spaces where artists would find a new field to play, audiences would find unexpected surprises and the space itself would get transformed. We host artists that break away from traditional representations of performance; away from the proscenium. Performances that are inherently resilient to the present tense, to the current context of unpredictable climates and unforeseen circumstances, stories that must be heard and must be told of obscure, perverse and invisible figures in society.
We pass hats around, whatever is collected goes to the artist. We organise performances in found, dead and public spaces. Anywhere from terraces to kitchens to lofts.We could not do this without the support of people who were willing to take some risks with their spaces. Out intent is to push the context of performance from its existing orbits and take it elsewhere.