Introspection is also a form of resistance. We believe that watching films allows for the necessary silence to pause and engage with a particular political point of view. We screen documentaries and films that speak to our current political scenario that are systematically¬†left out from mainstream media and discourse. Particularly now, against the rise of fascism, class, caste and communal wars, gentrification and saffronisation, we feel films, through their subjectivity tell another story, towards producing another version of “truth”.

We screen films as protest, to protest and for protests. We screen, share and distribute films so that they can reach a diverse audience. All screenings organised are free for the public. We collaborate with documentary film clubs, labour unions, civil society groups, students and individuals.

The Act of Killing | Fandry | Where the Green Ants Dream | Modern Times | Nero’s Guests | Red Ant Dream