Spectrum and Community Radio

Spectrum policies, including allocation design and licensing, are critical to the growth of any wireless media sector, including the FM technology used by community radio stations. Supported by Ford Foundation, Maraa worked in close contact with operational community radio stations and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to provide a detailed map of community radio stations. On one hand it helped government identify media dark states and districts, while on the other hand, prospective community radio applicants could decide upon a site where there are no competing operators and thus there is availability of spectrum.

Ownership and Community Radio

The community radio sector in India is more than a decade old. While advocacy and policies were designed to promote community ownership in media production, today the sector has seen radio stations owned by businesses, political parties, politicians, religious organisations and so on. How far has the rot set in? What could possible solutions look like? With support from a UNDP Media Fellowship awarded to two members of Maraa – Devi Leena Bose and Anushi Agrawal, we have published a three part series on the The Hoot. In 2017, we aim to deepen the scope and breadth of this research.

Content and Community Radio

We have worked with various NGOs, community radio stations and donors to conduct field research on community radio. These include a range of research interests reflecting access, audience tastes, content priorities and impact studies. While the majority of our work has been in the area of community radio, we also have experience in conducting research on television and cable as well. Get in touch with us if you would like to commission or do media related research.