The Memory of a Deluge, Srinagar Art College

We wanted to reach out to understand artistic renditions and vocabularies of damages and fissures that survive in climates of flux. We hosted an exhibition by art students in the Srinagar Art College, in the wake of the destruction of their College in a Flood in Autumn, 2014.

The deluge of September 2014 wrecked havoc in the valley of Kashmir. It besieged the homes of people, drowned the hearts of lovers, stormed the minds of poets, assaulted everything, everyday, while the waters rose. The memory of rising water remains embedded in everyone’s memory in Kashmir, and has become impossible to forget or overcome.

This is what was remembered here: short texts that the students of the Art College at Srinagar wrote, invented and performed after they left the flood in Kashmir behind them. For many months they travelled, with images of objects that had emerged from the flood waters in Kashmir. These images and memories of what the flood waters left in their wake became anchors for their practice, their education, their future as artists.


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