Imagine a mirror image of the city, as a circus; a place where horrors and pleasures permeate the senses. Where the absurd borrows from the everyday, to present a circus mind. Where the city is the circus and the circus takes the form of the city.  We chose as our site, a playground in Indiranagar- over three days, an eclectic group of artists created surprises, spectacles, distortions and illusions, reflecting the oddities and absurdities of life in the city.

The circus came to life to provoke new ways of thinking and seeing, to register failures, to awaken and to resist. We imagined the circus as ‘scaffolding’ , a space that allows for a suspension of belief, where boundaries are fluid, a space of questioning and challenge, where distance between audience and performer dissolved.

The circus will continue to evolve. The intention was not to create something permanent, but to experiment with a transient, temporary space, that reflects the character of a city in flux. In keeping with the precarity of the current climate, we found the metaphor of the circus appropriate for the times we live in.