Bevaru, a bi-monthly newspaper, produced in collaboration with different unions in the city , is dedicated to the struggles and resilience of the female work-force in Bangalore.


*Whatsapp Vigilantes: An exploration of citizen reception and circulation of Whatsapp misinformation linked to mob violence in India-

*Research study on Community Radio Ownership in India-

*Kahani Baki Hai; for stories must be told

Blended Approach to Participatory Learning

Kahani Baki Hai_maraa

Imaginarium of Sensuous Experiments

Field notes from a city in Flux



RIP is a platform for students to voice their experiences, concerns and confusions around gender, sexuality and sexual harassment – without fear or judgment in collaboration with student associations and unions in Bangalore.

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*Dignity March, a journey crossing 24 states and 200 districts, with survivors of sexual violence and their family intended to challenge the social silence and sanction of rape, that frequently leads to survivor shaming and lack of judicial and social accountability.

*The Cost of Cleanliness- Documentary on Deaths of Manual Scavengers in India