Jul 2019

UR Unreserved

‘UR/Unreserved’ Unreserved is a performative journey on trains traversing several cultural terrains to arrive at multiple notions of identity. It is a quiet resistance. A gentle defiance of the single story, a refusal of the stereotype. Across 14 states, over 30 days, with 4 halts at Assam, Karnataka, Kashmir and Kerala, Unreserved will showcase performances, short films, podcasts, installations and a travelling exhibition. We are working in collaboration with Anish

Walk into a park. Tell Stories. The park bench acts as a trigger; Stories look for an ear. An audience gathers. Storytellers tell their stories. They move away from the park bench; towards their listeners. The park bench awaits. Anyone can tell their story. Listeners take the seat of the storytellers. They park bench awaits for the next story. We devised this form to tell stories, build on one another’s stories, to find