Chu Kar Dekho, a theatre production by Maraa, a media and arts collective is an inquiry into the friction between the experience and representation of narratives of sexual and caste based violence. The performance is inspired by the ‘Dignity March,’ organised by Rashtriya Garima Abhiyan, a two-month long bus journey across 21 states in the country. Led by survivors of sexual violence and their families, the march challenged the lack of social and systemic accountability around sexual violence, which often results in shame, stigma and violence for the survivor. We travelled with the women and their families, documenting their experiences and struggles. This performance emerges from the routine of sweat, laughter, fatigue, questions, fear and hope that shaped our journey. It is centered around the body in the aftermath of violence. Questioning the rigid frames of representation of stories of sexual and caste based violence; the performance is guided by Anish Victor.