“New lands you will not find, you will not find other seas.
The city will follow you. You will roam the same streets.
And you will age in the same neighbourhoods; in these same houses you will grow gray.
Always you will arrive in this city.”

Constantine P. Cavafy

City of pieces was a nine day festival that interrogated the violence of the everyday transformation of the city from the perspective of creative practices. It travelled across different public and semi-public spaces, committed to reclaim dead, found and empty spaces in the city.

As the city transforms, we continue to experience it in fragments, in the debris of what once was and the flash-forward of its future in fresh gray concrete. We move through it, refracted in fragments with every contact with it. But this city of pieces forms us , it is formed by us in turn- a disjointed tapestry of multiple stories, desires and memories. The festival was a space to share urban pieces and fragments gathered and re-combined to tell a story that acknowledges the creative modes of negotiating this city shaped by the violence of transformation. With the hope of making sense of an ever changing Bangalore.

Film Screenings | Poetry | Mural Painting | Talks | Performance