In 2018, several professors, activists, teachers and unionists were arrested across the country, with the allegation of threatening national security. In reality, their works and ideas served as a sharp critique of the present right wing government in the country and its policies of discrimination, violence and exploitation. We wished to keep their writings, ideas and poetry alive. ATTENTION is a musical composition that draws our attention to how the State has systematically tried to kill any form of progressive thought or movement and the different forms of resilience against it.

Music by BangaloREsident Carlos Andres Rico in collaboration with Narayanswamy and Muniraju, Madhuri and Jagdeesh from MoonArra, Parmita Mjukerjee and Veecheet Dhakal from Gauley Bhai.

Emergency Control Room

Emergency control room is an audio installation that invites the listener to walk or stay still in a precarious media landscape. This space is an embodiment of a dystopic public sphere. The dystopia doesn’t incite fear, but is consumed with complacency. To signal a departure from the visuals that inundate our senses: of television screens, breaking news, newspaper articles, advertisements,

Emergency Control Room is a soundscape of anonymous voices and sounds, where the familiar renders the unfamiliar.

In a political climate that is wracked with anxiety and obsessed with a need to control, silence and stifle, the speculative vocabulary and narratives of science fiction lends itself to the creation of a new imagination.

Based on interviews conducted with various actors within the media industry, the exhibition is a provocation to look closely at the sights and sounds that permeate our daily senses and shape our opinions. The voices you hear are the same you have read, heard and seen but here they speak outside the restrictions of a byline, a face, a picture.

Terra Incognita | Podcast

In latin, translates to unknown land, unknown or unexplored territory

Over the years, we lost ourselves.  Treading on several unexplored territories, meandering between ideas, practices and politics. Amidst our respective trials and tribulations we meet in wide and narrow corridors of time and space. Somewhere there, we laugh, play, create, fight and share silences. We published a narrowcast to share our journey of ten years of working in the collective.