We imagined the city as a circus. The circus doesn’t desire to hide and doctor pain, joys and ‘extreme’ feelings into acceptable forms that need to hide behind the mask. The mask in a circus is show, not hide. We will recognize motifs in this circus, they are all familiar – clowns, cages, whistles, storytellers, animals, familiar geometries, textures, visual illusions. The possible renders the impossible. Laughter becomes an opera. The absurd borrows from the everyday to present the circus mind. As the city walks on a tightrope, we intend to present the circus as scaffolding where stories, ideas, desire are suspended in disbelief.

An imaginarium will be inaugurated in the city. We will mark the city with playful sensuous experiments. An imaginarium will be inaugurated in the city. It is not fixed, it is ephemeral. Yet, it  is always present. The circus  will unfold inside this imaginarium. Artists from different disciplines will participate and try different things to create surprises, spectacles, distortions, illusions.The city in all its avatars, falls and gets up each day. To not miss the humour, to register failures, to resist, to awaken, to find new ways we see, for new ideas the circus must come alive. We will build the circus and leave you to experience and speculate.