We have collaborated with various civil society organizations, unions and social movements to create artistic work around gender and sexuality. We believe representation is a crucial component in the way gender and sexuality gets shaped and performed. In our works, the attempt is to disrupt binary logics and to evoke uncertainty and unpredictability. We avoid moral categories and judgements in order to trigger fresh imaginations and possibilities of ourselves as gendered beings. We believe that creative practices can open up new spaces of conversation and action, and that art has radical political potential. It is with this understanding that we work within the space of activism and social change, trying to be attentive to constructions of masculinity, femininity and sexuality.

Our past collaborations have included working with groups organizing the Pride March, participating in the UN Women’s safe cities project. At present, we are working on ‘Bevaru’ a process that seeks to highlight the experiences of the female workforce in Bangalore. In collaboration with the garment worker, sex workers, powrakarmikas and domestic workers in the city, we are bringing out a bi-monthly newspaper, as well as organizing public art events, for and with the workers.