This fellowship program creates an open space for diverse expressions of masculinity. There is no fixed definition, no single experience. We wish to challenge ‘ideals’ of masculinity that make people conform. We also hope to illustrate the playful imagnations around masculinity to break down structures that are rigid, oppressive and moralistic. The fellowship is a way to  creatively question the daily performance of masculinity, through habits, practices, norms, symbols and visuals. You can pick any form you wish – dance, theater, comedy, film, visual art, painting, writing, music etc to create a piece of work. We hope these works will allow us to unsettle our ways of seeing and thinking, and sense the fluidity in the world around us, through diverse sounds, textures and colors. These do not need to be fully finished works, but can also be presented as the birth of an idea, something on the verge of ‘becoming’. The works should have a feminist approach, in line with the findings of the research study. The final showcase will take place in October Jam 2024, maraa’s annual arts festival. 

Fellowship Structure 

Who can apply?
Caste, language, sexuality, religion, class NO BAR
Above 18 years old

Duration: Six Months 

Honorarium: Rs. 50,000

Last date for application: 15th March, 2024

Selected fellows will be informed by 1st April, 2024 and will be invited for a workshop.

A monthly call with all fellows will lead to the culmination of the showcase at October Jam. 

Fellowship amount will be given in two installments.