In late 2017, the #MeToo movement became a global reckoning for everyday experiences of sexual harassment and injustice towards survivors. Simultaneously, in India, ‘The List’ of alleged sexual predators in academia drove difficult conversations on students politics, power structures within campus and sexuality within campus spaces. RADIO IN A PURSE (RIP) was intended as a response, to go beyond the whistle blowing and address complex issues of harassment and discrimination on campus, taking into account the socio-political factors and the structures on which institutions are built. What is clear is the environment of silence, fear, shame, risk, scrutiny and frustration on campuses across India. RIP is a platform for students to voice their experiences, concerns and confusions around gender, sexuality and sexual harassment – without fear or judgment in collaboration with student associations and unions in Bangalore. As part of the same, we conducted workshops and short courses with students on issues of gender and sexuality.

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