After working in several public spaces to demonstrate creative practice in Bangalore since 2008, we return to where we started: Cubbon Park. We turn to the essence of the Sodium Vapour lamp as we look at the park through different textures of time. To comprehend nostalgia with the desire of the future inscribed on an everlasting present.

Sodium Vapour has let us see the city in a different light. The sodium has to vaporise before the light gives full power, this is why they can be seen glowing dimly for some time before going bright. She takes her time to disclose herself. The warmth it emanates allows for an endless search without the fear of being noticed. It invites us into darkness like a child following its instinct.

The meanings of Cubbon Park have shifted over time, from protest to celebration to jamming to policing to now, a metro station,all at the risk of rapid privatisation. Like textures of a photograph changed with technology, Cubbon Park has transformed through the variations of different Bangalores. Sometimes it appears static, as if nothing has changed; at other times it feels like it is in flux; and at other times, completely unfamiliar.

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