What do we stand for? And how are we standing? asked a friend during a session on body and movement. The question is a complex one, given that one could be standing in many places at a given moment or one cannot stand anywhere because of obstacles, rigidity, difference. Perhaps, sometimes we stand as blank witnesses to what we see around us, every day, historically and in our dreams. Yet, we stand for this and that, far and close, with or without support.As we take steps in a particular direction, we experience pace. The pace affects our memory of that journey. Based on that memory, we stay or leave.  Yet, the struggle of arriving and departing is constant. 

This October Jam, we are keen on finding other daaris, to move beyond fixed identities. We are keen on searching for ways to articulate, express and invite, so people can imagine freely, with ease. These ways are not necessarily new, but require a deep dive or a long return. The process of searching, finding, excavating, encountering could have something to do with us standing apart from the dominant aesthetics and politics that seem to govern our senses. Somewhere amidst all this, we are trying to find raastas, that do not stagger our reasoning or ability to question. We are becoming aware of what has been systematically hidden, locked up or silenced, which affects our ways of seeing. We are on the path of making re-connections, finding missing people and asking questions that are not necessarily topical. There is no- ‘one’. 

Sometimes, we find ourselves orbiting in our own islands. This October Jam we wish to play with detours, u-turns, side stepping, dismantling and re-constructing.  We are trying to feature people who we believe will show us the ways to gather and re-collect, physically, philosophically and metaphysically. As a way to regain strength from the arts and return to questions we have forgotten without ever answering. To find our own ways.  The abundance of violence cannot make us numb. Working with artistic practices, we learn that there can be unexpected ways of thinking about violence, freedom and desire. To find new vocabularies, that do not lock us into binaries, we hope to find daaris toward a collective reckoning. We invite you to see through a different light, hear sounds that are unexpected, and smell things afresh. Find us, by the way. 



OCT 1 | FILM | DJAM by Tony Gatlif | 630 pm | Maraa Terrace

OCT 2 | THEATRE | Gangamma Neeryage Jade Henitavle, Directed by Kotiginahalli Ramaiah | 5 pm | Bangalore International Centre

OCT 7 | FILM | Anatolian Trip by Deniz Tortum & Can Eksinazi | 630 pm | Maraa Terrace

OCT 8 | MUSIC | Pasha Bhai, Clan Bokkaphod, Killa K and Kali | 7pm | Goethe Institut

OCT 12 | FILM | Shut up Sona by Deepti Gupta | Maraa Terrace

OCT 13 | THEATRE | Nanna Dhwani, Performed by A. Revathi | 630 pm | Maraa Theatre

OCT 14-18 | THEATRE | Main Yahan Hoon Performed by Freeda Theatre | VARIOUS VENUES (poster below)

OCT 21 | The story of the Weeping Camel byByambasuren Davaa & Luigi Falorni | 630 pm | Maraa Terrace

OCT 22 | IHA, sharing by Anish Victor and Mridula Rao | Jangamma Collective | 630 pm | Maraa Terrace

Oct 23 | THEATRE | Shuffle, performed by Anish Victor | 630 pm | Maraa Terrace

Oct 28-30  | MUSIC | Adventures with Noorie, Jam with various musicians